Hi! I’m Greigori.

This is a pseudonym.

My real name is Gregory.
So you can call me Greg. Or Greig. Or Gregory. Or Greigori!

I make comics on:

  • Foodstuff I Love, which are stories about food and life, but mostly about life.
  • Little Hassles, which are anecdotes people commonly call “first world problems”. This became a book in 2021!

I am also working on my first graphic novel:

  • La hacienda de Natashquan, a telenovela set in a village on the Côte-Nord of Quebec.

I post my material on:

If you’d like to chat, shoot me an e-mail or DM me on whichever platform you prefer. I love meeting other artists, writers, publishers, foodies, figure skating fans, board game geeks, coffee snobs and, of course, fellow green lovers.